10. Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Please read the following text and using the tick boxes below, indiciate the writer's opinion about how to speed read.

1. You will probably be able to read more quickly than you had thought possible without missing any important information. Some basic techniques are to ‘chunk’ words into groups rather than look at individual words. If you look at individual words, your eyes have to make many more movements than if you look at chunks. You will find that many words are chunked’ into logical phrases, as in ‘Once upon a time....’or ‘My address is...’ Practice this technique by fixing your eyes at the same point in each line and moving them straight down the page. Do not re‐read lines or words or look ahead too far as this wastes time. In the beginning you may find it easier to move a ruler down the page to block out future lines so you can focus on taking in one line at a time. Block out what you have already read. Try to move the ruler more quickly as you read this speeding up your reading. Use a clock to time your reading, making sure that you read only as fast as you can still comprehend the material.

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